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Contact Information

Official Name: Gimnazija Jože Plečnik Ljubljana

Founder: Slovenian National Government

Gimnazija Jožeta Plečnika Ljubljana
Šubičeva ulica 1
1101 Ljubljana




Bank Transfer Data

Account Number: 01100-6030693927

Bank Name: Bank of Slovenia


IBAN code: SI56 0110 0603 0693 927

Tax number:  SI –  71266909

Identification number: 1214144000

School Management

Principal: Mrs. Lidija Žigon (00386 1) 620 4203
Vice Principal: Mr. Boštjan Bojadžiev /Mrs. Veronika Vizjak (00386 1) 620 4204
Guidance Counselors: Mr. Kristian Majcen (00386 1) 620 4206
Ms. Petra Mustar (00386 1) 620 4206
Matura Exam Committee Coordinator: Mr. Tomi Zebič (00386 1) 620 4205
Secretary: Mrs. Andreja Škof (00386 1) 620 4200
Accountant: Mrs. Tina Škraba Smole (00386 1) 620 4208

E-mail addresses of teachers can be found on the school website.


History and School Profile

Gimnazija Jože Plečnik Ljubljana is located in the building of the former Uršulinska Gimnazija, which was designed by the famous Slovenian architect, Jože Plečnik. The school is located in the center of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and draws students from all over the city and the outskirts.

Gimnazija Jože Plečnik has a four year course of study, which prepares students for university or professional colleges. Students complete their course of study with the Matura exam, which is the Slovenian national school-finishing exam. The Matura covers the mandatory subjects of Slovene, Mathematics and a foreign language, in addition to two subjects, which are chosen by the student. Students can choose among the following subjects: a second foreign language, history, art history, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, sociology, and philosophy. Students who achieve a good result on the Matura are able to gain entrance to the most competitive departments at university.

The school is attended by 870 students, between the ages of 15 and 19.  There are four grades with seven classes each, making a total of 28 classes. The average class size is 30 students. Classes are taught in the Slovene language. There are 60 native Slovenian teachers at the school and 5 foreign (native speaker) teachers.

School Projects and Extracurricular Activities

Gimnazija Jože Plečnik has a rich tradition, which is preserved, while at the same time, the school continues to develop and grow. The school emphasizes quality courses with a variety of foreign language offerings (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Latin). Native speakers collaborate with foreign language teachers to enrich the foreign language learning experience. Students are also able to engage in a variety of extracurricular activities such as foreign language theatre, astronomy, choir, studio art and community service. Among the highlights for students during their time at Jože Plečnik are stargazing at the Pavl Kunaver observatory, educational camps and local and foreign fieldtrips. The school cooperates with the Ministry of Education on projects such as team teaching, digital literacy, cross-curricular learning, and the Netbook class, which integrates computers in to the classroom environment.

In 1997 the school was incorporated into the UNESCO international network of schools. With this membership, the school committed itself to raising students’ awareness of the following UNESCO principals: personal growth in promoting peace, human rights and democracy, intercultural tolerance and ecological responsibility.  Students are encouraged to actively participate in related projects like Comenius and World Heritage in Young Hands.

Students, along with their teacher-mentors take part in a variety of competitions in academic areas such as Natural and Social Sciences, Mathematics, Logic, Physics, Foreign Languages, Philosophy. They have also had success in a number of national literary contests.

Student Life

The school’s close proximity to museums and galleries provides students with valuable cultural activities. The school provides a daily lunch for students, but they are also able to have lunch in nearby restaurants at reasonable prices.

Each year, centered around Jože Plečnik’s birthday, the school organizes a cultural week called, “Plečnik Days,” which includes presentations, workshops and lectures for students, teachers, and the Ljubljana community.  The week culminates in a gala in which accomplished alumni are invited back to the school to speak with students about their experiences.